False Ceiling Channel 

Gypsum Ceiling Channel are Primary section to support the ceiling section ceiling sections as a main supporting member connected with a connecting clip, hung from the plenum and roof using ceiling angle.

Faster, safer and easier to install and cut
Increased friction fitting
No screw stripping or screw riding
Sight lines on flanges for more precise joints
Improved productivity and quality
Tighter stud to track friction fitting
Improved safety by reducing sharp edges and lips

Gypsum Partition Board (Wall)

Designed to withstand heat and built with superior thermal insulation and non-combustible properties that will keep you and the occupants of your building cool.

Additionally, with its smooth and levelled ivory face paper overlay, this standard gypsum board has a stylish appearance that enhances the aesthetic of your ceilings.

U Shape Ceiling Section

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PVC Laminated Gypsum Tile

These tiles are processed using the topmost grade raw material and the progressive machines in compliance with set industrial standards. Used in hotels, offices, homes, restaurants for flooring purpose.

Self Propelling Exhaust

Free Fitting Service
No consumption of Electricity
Easy Installation Maintenance
6 month warranty   
silver and black metal tools

High Friction Nut & Bolts

We only use original parts or parts of equivalent quality. ​We make sure you get the best quality available on the market at the best price.

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